‘Penny was very professional. She really listened to me and worked appropriately. Made helpful suggestions to enhance treatment.
Relaxing. Also made me aware of some of my ‘issues’ that I hadn’t thought of before and gave me new ways of dealing with them. Lots of encouragement.
Will recommend to others.’

‘To be honest Penny has been the most insightful therapist I’ve been to. She really ‘gets’ what I’m saying and what I’ve needed from the sessions.
Everything about the sessions have been valuable. Having a space I can discuss ANYTHING in without fear of judgement or misunderstanding, being given objective, informed insight and then the relaxation with new realisation from the sound therapy.
I knew that I was on a spiritual awakening type journey and that I would experience eventually what I have through these sessions…however I thought it would take up to a year. These sessions have accelerated my spiritual and personal development in a profound way in a number of weeks.’

‘I came to get help re-balancing and clearing blockages I felt I had developed in my past but haven’t been able to shift/clear myself.
These sessions have given me the time and space I needed to clarify my intentions& help me clear these blockages. As a result I have a clarity in myself, a calmness and a confidence that has developed as a result of the work in these sessions. Thank you.
Penny is extremely professional,welcoming and respectful, with compassion, understanding and empathy. There were knowledge and skills that assured me of the expertise held by my therapist.
The benefit of the therapy for helping shift/clear the blockages I couldn’t have made with my conscious mind.
Penny is excellent at what she does and I would highly recommend her as a therapist.’

‘Felt as though my therapist has had many millennia of experience and practice in this work.
Penny has a rare talent and I am blessed beyond words to be part of her journey into healing.’

‘Sound therapy changed my desire for unhealthy food and sluggishness. Have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks and improved my fitness and eating really healthily now.
Penny is a natural therapist, and I have been to many before.
Calm, professional, insightful, positive and open – a treasure.
Time to relax and enjoy the fabulous sounds Penny produces with the added bonus of it producing life changing positive results.
I can’t quite believe how powerful this therapy is, and how well it has worked for me.
The therapy is great, however, the therapist in this case excels all expectations.’

‘Penny was extremely professional and competent and has a natural gift. I have had sound healing previously but Penny has taken it to another level.
I literally felt re-tuned after each session. Gentle but extremely strong- clearing my energy field to allow me to grow.
Penny has a natural talent and ability for this healing and I have recommended her to a lot of my clients.’

‘ I felt very relaxed and pleasantly surprised with  the relaxation I experienced from this treatment carried out by Penny. I felt light and a  weight had been lifted of my mind after the session and I felt very calm and in a nice place in my mind.
Penny was very welcoming and pleasant and made me feel very at ease. Penny was very knowledgeable in explaining the treatment she was offering to me and I felt she was very confident in what she was going to carry out. I felt safe and secure at all times in her presence.’Archie

‘Penny was very easy to talk too and very intuitive. I felt she had a great connection with me, knew exactly what to ask and say and she has an amazing talent with the instruments. The sounds Penny can achieve are truly amazing.
The sessions were very relaxed but extremely powerful and I noticed changes in my thought patterns and feelings immediately.
This is a gentle and relaxing treatment with very powerful results. Penny is an amazingly intuitive therapist and makes you feel at ease. The sounds she gets from the instruments can be felt through every cell in your body. The treatment has had such a positive effect on me and helped me tackle my fears and increased my belief in myself and my ability to achieve whatever I want.’

‘Improvement in colour of problem leg areas, feeling of wellness and improved energy flow, all of which have been maintained.
Positive, with clear steps to take on each occasion during and between sessions.
Assessment and feedback on changes after each session and before the next. Helped build my appreciation for the value of sound therapy as a credible healing modality.’

‘It has enabled me to focus on my current issues, to think rationally and accept them whilst talking through next steps. The professionalism and warmth helped me to express my thoughts surprisingly for me! The sound therapy itself was most absorbing and healing.
Made me take charge and deal with things whilst accepting reasons for it. Sessions made me feel in confidential and safe environment.
Reversed my dislike of chanting and now I have one for me stored on phone. When Penny told me science behind sound therapy helped my scientific brain to understand.’

‘I couldn’t believe how relaxed you become and felt in another world by the sounds of the various instruments.
My therapist was very professional and provided a pleasant aura when carrying out treatments.
I felt it helped me to relax and I was able to organise myself with work and home balance/lifestyle.
I would recommend Penny for this treatment. It is a must for someone to try and her personality suits this therapy.’
Lesley Anne