Hello and welcome to Superwaves Sound Therapy.
My name is Penny McCleery and I am a Professional Sound Therapist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sound Therapy uses the power of ancient and modern musical instruments and the voice to help realign and balance the body and its systems. Sound moves in waves, and Sound Therapy utilises pulsing waves of pure tones and rhythms allowing a person to relax and enter deep states of consciousness. Healing and transformation can occur when the mind and body are relaxed within this meditative alpha/theta brainwave zone.
When the mind is quiet and the body relaxed we can access our connection to the source of our being, that which connects us to everything and within which lies our creative potential.

My own personal journey with healing sounds began through my career as a singer/songwriter. I knew implicitly that certain frequencies could affect my emotional being and therefore my mood and outlook. I became increasingly interested in the effect that sound has upon the brain and ultimately consciousness expansion.
I have always known that we are more than our physical bodies. We have a complex system of energetic systems in and around our physical bodies which interact and are part of the universe around us. We swim in a sea of energy.
In this modern world full of noise and stimuli we are bombarded by frequencies that can have negative effects upon our being and it is most important that we take time to look after the more subtle aspects of ourselves, for it is via these that illness and imbalance can occur on the physical level. It is not just enough to eat, sleep and survive – we yearn for and must feed that connection to the source of all life in order to be vibrant, balanced beings.
In the quiet of the mind and the relaxation of the body we can access fully that sea of energy from which we can draw strength and healing energy, healing which occurs on many levels. By accessing this state and drawing power from it we also continue to fuel this energetic sea for all others. We are in a symbiotic relationship with life. We are a part of it and therefore everything is a part of us.

I know first hand the power of sound to heal. My career in a tough, cut-throat industry had taken its toll. I felt broken and lost from years of struggle as an artist. I had my music stolen from me, my integrity compromised and the constant battles over copyright and ownership of creativity had left me so low and lost that I finally walked away from the music industry. It proved to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.
I took some time out to give myself perspective over what I wanted to do next in my journey. I knew that I no longer wanted to work in an ego-driven arena, I wanted to help myself and others. I wanted to give back to life.
A friend of mine who runs a yoga studio suggested a course in Sound Therapy which is run by The Colour of Sound Institute. I looked at their website and liked what I saw. This was right up my street, using sound to heal and transform.
I started the course in earnest and through the daily practices I began to notice great beneficial changes in my life. In order to heal others I had to heal myself and Sound Therapy offered me that lifeline, that chance to reconnect to the source of all.

I feel that I have an innate talent for sound. It is something which comes naturally to me. I also have a natural ability to connect with others and to empathise. I love life in all its forms and I am truly lucky to be alive. Music and sound is a part of all that I do and I want to share my connection and my knowledge with you. As a welcome to this site and my work I offer this free recording of a beautiful Sanskrit chant I performed and recorded with my crystal bowls, my voice and some deep theta binaural beats. Take a little time now to reconnect to your own source. Bring to mind an intention for healing that you wish to bring in to your life. Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the healing sounds.

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