Scientists Find Fractals in Fiction

This is a very interesting article about how scientists working at Poland’s Institute of Physics have found that some classic books, especially James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, a book which Joyce claims to have written as a stream of consciousness, is ‘almost indistinguishable in its structure from a purely mathematical multifractal.’
“An overwhelming majority of the studied texts simply obey such fractal attributes but especially spectacular in this respect are hypertext-like, ‘stream-of-consciousness’ novels. In addition, they appear to develop structures characteristic of irreducibly interwoven sets of fractals called multifractals.”
“Evidently, they (like Joyce) had a kind of intuition, as it happens to great artists, that such a narrative mode best reflects ‘how nature works’ and they properly encoded this into their texts,” he said. “Nature evolves through cascades and thus arranges fractally, and imprints of this we find in the sentence-length variability.”

We are nature.

This is fascinating stuff.

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